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How to jump start a Mercedes S-Class S350 | Mercedes S-Class Flat Battery

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How to jump start a Mercedes S Class S350.
Mercedes S-Class Flat Battery.
*** DO NOT let your Mercedes get a low battery or sit for days\weeks with a dead battery as it can mess with the Mercedes computer systems and electronics and cost you serious money to fix.***
Ideally, put the battery on a slow trickle charge car battery charger as jump starting is not healthy for the Mercedes battery. This is really to get the car started.

In this video I will show you how to gain access to your S-Class (if the battery is flat the remote key fob won't open the doors) and then how jump start a Mercedes S-Class 2016 model that has a flat battery. If your Mercedes S-Class battery is dead then it is best to charge the battery or you can use the boosters that plug into the 12V Cigarette lighter, this may put enough power into your S-Class battery to enable you to start it. If you are stuck and need to get it going then you can jump start the car.

If you are in your Mercedes S-Class and the battery is weak you may see a message on the dashboard saying 'Start Engine See Owners Manual'. If you press the Engine Start button and it doesn’t start or you just here a feint clicking sound from the engine then you have a dead battery.
Now you need to find a donor vehicle to jump start your S-Class from or use a spare battery if you have one.

Make sure your Mercedes S-Class is in Park mode if it is an Automatic or if it’s a manual gearbox make sure it is in neutral and the handbrake is on before you start this processes in this Video.

If your Mercedes S-Class starts then disconnect the jump cables and then let it idle or go for a drive for at least 10 minutes to give it a good charge.

A Mercedes S-Class jump start from an emergency power pack is not usually a good idea as it can damage the electronics so try to avoid this scenario if you can. Ideally, put the battery on a slow trickle charge car battery charger.
You need to figure out why the battery was dead, did you leave the lights on or is it that the battery is old and won’t hold a charge. In this case you will need a new Mercedes S-Class battery replacement.

Enjoy your Mercedes S-Class and safe driving to you.
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