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Roulette Computer RP-777

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The RP-777 roulette predictor is designed to beat the modern roulette wheels. The following is a simulation of a hidden computer that you can take with you in land casinos. You need to bet the number shown and said by the roulette predictor including 9 neighbors on both sides.

As you can see from 6 spins we got 5 wins and 1 no bet. Although there were 5 wins the roulette computer is more accurate than the simulator due to latency. The RP-777 roulette predictor is very simple to use and it is designed for both beginners and advanced players. I am offering a one to one meeting demonstrations. The demonstrations are all on live casinos and not on a home roulette wheel so there will be no tilted wheels. Those who are skeptic about my roulette computer can also send me a there own video clip of not more than 10 minutes from other casinos.

I am the sole software developer and electronic engineer which makes the RP-777 roulette predictor unique. Those who are interested to buy the RP-777 or need more information, you can contact me on alex.casha77@gmail.com

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